Interaction Engineering Student Projects

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Felix Bühler

Korbinian Böhm

With this project we wanted to use gesture recognition in a playful context. We came up with a gesture-controlled 2D action adventure game kept in a classic pixel look. It has a fantasy-like setting but graphical details were irrelevant for the prototype. All simple actions like movement or interaction are controlled via keyboard, but the attacks the playable character is able to do are magic spells, which are activated and scaled by the hand movements the player performs above his LeapMotion device (optimized and tested for right or left hand).

All gestures are designed to match their mapped spells. The whole hand movement does not only correspond to the nature, area or direction of an attack but also to its different parameters. Scale, charging, speed, damage or duration are extracted from multiple phases of a gesture and taken into account when triggering its attack and animation.

For implementation, we used Java, Libgdx as a game development library and the LeapDeveloperKit to collect data from the LeapMotion device.


Gesture interaction

Fantasy game