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Eat What You Catch

Pia Probst, Annelene Erdlenbruch
„Eat what you catch“ explores new interaction methods based on gesture for the Hololens. The project uses a restaurant scenario and explores possible interactions for the ordering process. The user has to wear a Hololens in order to be able to choose what they want to eat. The set up is the following: The user enters a room wearing a Hololens, on their hands the user balances a virtual pizza dough that is displayed on the Hololens screen. Now different virtual ingredients fall from the ceiling, the user has to catch the ones they like with the pizza dough balanced on their hands. After catching everything they want, they can finish the order by catching the „finish order“ sign. The scenario uses the palm up hand gesture to balance the pizza on the users hand. If the user does not show their hand, the pizza is no longer displayed. To explore different possibilities to set up the scenario, two variations were created: Rain and Buffet. In the “Rain” scenario all the ingredients fall from the ceiling in a chaotic manner, the user has to run and search for them. In the “Buffet” scenario all the ingredients are sorted into different areas, this way the user can walk to one area and only catch one kind of ingredient there. After setting up the different interactions and scenarios a user study was conducted with the following results: Most participants liked the „Buffet“ scenario best, since it was less overwhelming and easier to succeed in the given tasks. In general the users found “eat what you catch” engaging, entertaining and fun, as well as easy to understand.
spatial, AR