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Let's Tilt

Matthias Glatthorn
Although nowadays many multitouch devices are available, there are very few multiplayer games, which can be played together on one device. The project Let's Tilt is a cooperative game, which is played by two players on a multitouch device. The application challenges the players to reach a common goal in playful and entertaining way. Let's Tilt is an advancement of a popular game for mobile devices, where the player controls a virtual ball on the display of the device by tilting the device. Or, to be more accurate: a tilt of the device changes the gravity of the virtual world and the ball reacts accordingly. In ‚let's tilt‘ the virtual world contains various dangers, like gaps, where the ball falls down or flying objects, which will knock the ball off his track and into the gaps. The goal of the game is to bring the ball to a certain target. If the ball falls down into a gap, the round is lost. The next round starts with the ball in it's original position. While player one tilts the device in order to control the ball, player two is given a tools, which he can use to avert dangers or to get the ball to its destination more efficiently. These tools are controlled by moving two fingers on the touch surface.
touch, device