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Gesture-controlled Clock

David Kutschkin, Robin Muster
The project explores the potential of using gestures as a way to control an alarm clock while in a lying down position. By combining the physical act of stretching in the morning to wake up with the functionality of an alarm clock, the system offers a novel and interactive experience for users. The gesture control system is designed to provide all of the traditional features that a typical alarm clock offers, such as setting the alarm time, snooze, and the ability to turn off the alarm. The idea behind the project is to provide a new and innovative way for individuals to interact with their alarm clocks and start their day in a more engaging and physically active manner. The goal is to create a more enjoyable and effective way for individuals to wake up in the morning and start their day feeling refreshed and energized. User tests showed that the gesture control alarm clock is enjoyable but lacks practicality. Despite this, it offers a unique and fun experience for waking up in the morning.
gesture, body
camera, media pipe