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Dirk Widmann, Halin Kim
For this research study, our aim was to find out how well micro-gestures work in combination with eye tracking when used for aiming at and interacting with virtual objects on a screen and how well the eye tracking input format can emulate the tasks of a mouse when tackling simple interactive tasks. We developed two simple interfaces for each condition with the interactions being to drag, rotate and scale a simple geometry on screen. To find out how well the new gestural interface performs in terms of intuitivity and ease-of-use, a small user test was conducted participants, who were inexperienced with eye-tracking technology. The evaluation of this user test resulted in a clear preference in favor of the traditional mouse interface, while showing potential for the gestural alternative. This was derived from a strong learning factor visible in our data and the statements of our participants, that a more fleshed out technology and prototype would be very appealing to learn and replace a traditional mouse with.
gaze, gesture
eye tracker