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Treat On You

Ifrah Asif, Jou-Chien Tu
Treat On You is an interactive Air Hockey game using hand gestures. A monitor screen is used as a board for playing the game. The goal is to hit the puck back and forth without letting it go into the opponent’s goal. Whoever goals reaches 3; loses the game and has to pay for the treat. The implementation environment demonstrates the board game on the monitor screen and uses a phone camera to detect hand gestures. We developed two different hand-gesture interaction prototypes and compared these methods in a user study. This user study allowed us to analyze the usability of the two methods and the preferred type of interaction for users. To summarize, our research demonstrates how users can interact with a virtual puck using their hands and which hand gesture type could be more efficient. In our comparison of different hand interactions, we discovered that users prefer the 90-degree method because it is easier and comfortable, and makes them feel more controlled.
gesture, tangible
camera, tynker