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Occlusion-Aware Presenter

Julian Feller, Max Schleuniger
In our project, we are developing a new technique in the field of Occlusion-Aware Interfaces. During interactive presentations, it is often the case that the presenter stands in front of important projected content, obscuring it from the audience's view. We use a Microsoft Kinect 360 to detect if a person is blocking the projection surface. The elements that are in the obscured area are automatically shifted to the visible area. For this purpose, we utilize the physics engine Box2D, specifically its Processing Wrapper PBox2D. Additionally, our system interprets gestures of the presenter, taking into account Proxemics, and directly implements them. Through gestures, for example, the focus of the audience can be directed to a specific area of the current slide. The calibration of the Kinect to the projection surface is fully automatic, making it easier for the user to set up the system quickly in different locations.
kinect, processing