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Benjamin Adolph
FACECON is a research study on the topic of operating websites with facial movements and expressions. With the help of a prototype, it is to be found out whether and how interaction with websites can be made easier and more intuitive by using the face. The focus is on portable computers with built-in webcams, such as laptops or tablets. The user should be able to move the cursor, click, navigate and scroll on the website. Two different variants have been implemented for navigating and scrolling. A study is to find out which combination of facial control and expressions for the different actions is most intuitive for the user. Therefore, he had to complete a task as quickly as possible. The time was measured to compare the different versions. In addition to the usability metrics, the user also had to fill out a questionnaire. The prototype of the website was implemented using common web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and the wrapper library Handsfree.js, which provides facetracking functions.