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AR Speaker View

Simon Geier, Jan Niklas Schlichting
A commonly used feature of PowerPoint presentations is the speaker view, which provides an overview for notes and upcoming slides. While usually a presentation clicker is used to switch the slides, standing in front of the presentation computer can not be avoided when it comes to reading the notes while presenting. Therefore, a concept for transferring the speaker view onto an Augmented Reality Smart Glass (ARSG) is developed and evaluated. Using the Augmented Reality Speaker View (ARSV), free standing in front of the audience can be achieved, enabling a hands-free presentation and slide control via head-driven gestures. This new interaction method shall simplify holding presentations, as the speaker can talk to the audience freely without the need of changing focus for reading the notes. It therefore is expected to help with a more fluid speech and less loss of focus onto the audience. Within user tests, the focus and the slide control are evaluated in a comparison to the classical speaker view of PowerPoint. Furthermore, the readability and the positioning of the holographic information elements are analyzed both for a head-up display (HUD) layout and a spatial layout within ARSV.
AR, gesture