Interaction Engineering Student Projects

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Sohair Altwal

Remon Vogel

While eye tracking is becoming more and more relevant as a promising input channel, diverse applications using gaze control in a more natural way are still rather limited. We wanted to implement a tool for temporarily magnifying a specific area on the screen that the user is currently looking at. This was combined with simple gestures. For many elderly people, it can be hard to read a text or to cover everything shown on a display, so this is why we chose this group as our target audience. Because of this, the interaction method had to be intuitive, based on movements that are naturally connected with zooming and very easy to use and learn.

Based on this, we developed a tool for zooming into a specific part of the screen the user is currently looking at by simply leaning forward. In a short user test, we compared this to the standard method of zooming by scrolling the mouse wheel while holding a shortcut button and received surprisingly positive results.



Proxemic interaction