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Icon Translator
Icon Translator
Icon Translator

Icon Translator

Lina Cui

Peris Njuguna

With two-handed use on a large screen mobile device like a tablet, in constrained scenarios, thumb reachability can be limited. In such scenarios, there is a need for a more comfortable solution that will allow the user to continue with his activities without the danger of dropping the device or causing an accident.

We introduce ‘Icon Translator’ dynamic user interaction techniques, which introduces an interface that translates the unreachable icons to thumb reachable area. With these interaction techniques, we have two modes that have different gesture inputs to activate the mode, open the app and deactivate the mode.

We create 3 prototypes to test in a small usability study, proximity mode, dial mode, and normal mode. For the user test, we seek to find out which mode is best according to timelines and subjective attitudes.


Touch interaction

Thumb reachability