Diese Veranstaltung wird auf Englisch durchgeführt.

Interaction Engineering is a university-level course given by Prof. Dr. Michael Kipp at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany (Hochschule Augsburg). It is open to students from IN (Bachelor Computer Science), IAM (Bachelor Interactive Media) and IMS (Master Interactive Media Systems). The course takes place every winter semester and consists of weekly sessions of 4 units (4 SWS).

In this course, we will learn about fundamental concepts of human-computer interaction and cover various research areas that try to improve traditional ways of human-computer interaction by including touch, gesture, facial and bodily actions to make the interaction more intuitive, natural and efficient. You will also get to know some basic techniques to evaluate interactive systems objectively (using measurable aspects) and subjectively (using user feedback).

During this course you will work on various assignments, read/present a research paper and finally, develop a running prototype of an innovative interactive system.

Browse the projects page for final prototypes of previous editions of this course.


The requirements for this course are solid programming skills, a good command of the English language (reading, writing and speaking) and an interest in working both analytically and creatively to invent and improve novel interaction methods.

If your programming skills are a little rusty we can have a look at my online script of the Processing language: German | English.


You will hear and read about a range of research topics, including

For relevant publications have a look at the Literature section.

Technical Chapters

The following chapters provide you with some technial knowledge and hands-on tips/code for specific areas. These aspects will not be covered in-depth during our sessions but are here for you to look up, depending on your specific project.

(most chapters are still in German)


The following devices are relevant for this course. Most of them will be available from our university.

Multitouch tablets (Android)

Multitouch monitor

Kinect (recognizes the body as a 3D skeleton)

Leap Motion (recognizes the hands as a 3D skeleton)

Tobii Eye Tracker 4C (tracks gaze)

Myo (movement/muscle sensor for arm movements and hand shapes)

Webcam + OpenCV (allows to track faces, facial expressions, moving objects etc.)