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Creative Coding

It’s fascinating to see how many coding platform projects are dedicated to facilitating programming specifically for artists.

The following video presents three such projects. It features Processing (a Java derivative), Cinder (a C++ based framework) and OpenFrameworks (also C++). All of them are free and open source.

Let’s use this opportunity to post two examples of “creative coding”, both dealing with transformations of the human body. The first one is a video called “unnamed soundsculpture“, a work by onformative.

They used Kinects to record a dancer and used particle systems to transform the result. The making of is at least as interesting as the final result:

The second example is “Future Self”, a light sculpture, that works with sensor input about the position/pose of the observer.

Facial Expression Replication in Realtime

The FaceShift software manages to use the depth image of the Kinect for a realtime replication of the speaker’s facial expression on an avatar’s face. Awesome. Look at the video to see how fast the approach is – hardly any visible latency between original motion and avatar and really subtle facial motions are translated to the virtual character. The software was developed by researchers from EPFL Lausanne, a research center with an excellent reputation, especially in the area of computer graphics. The software is envisioned to be used in video conferencing and online gaming contexts, to allow a virtual face-to-face situation while speaking.

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