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Interfaces with the Kinect

Walking in 3D

Here, the Kinect is used to navigate through Google Street View:

  • body orientation => rotate sideways
  • body tilt => rotate up/down
  • walking (on the spot) => move forward
  • jump => move forward by some distance

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In-Air Interaction with ARCADE

A combination of interaction techniques to create and control virtual 3D objects that are placed into the live video of the presenter.

  • selection/picking: hold hand over object
  • menu: browse with finger position, select with swipe gesture
  • drawing: two finger touching switches to draw mode, go to 3D rotate mode with a key press
  • rotate/scale: rotate with finger up/down/left/right, scale with two fingers
  • delete: wave gesture over object

Also see post on developkinect.com

Gesture Recognition: Kinetic Space 2.0

The toolkit allows to define your own 3D gestures.

Also see post on developkinect.com

Finger Tracking with DUO: Competition for the Leap Motion

Today I saw a video on the channel of the NUI Group which featured a DIY device for close range finger tracking, not unlike the Leap Motion device. It is called DUO and here’s what it can do:

The leap motion device should ship soon (April 2013) whereas the DUO is just about to start a Kickstarter project to collect funding. The difference between the two projects is foremost the open source and DIY philosophy of the DUO against a strictly commercial license philosophy of the Leap Motion. Technically, the two technologies seems to differ (see a forum thread of the DUO makers).

Homepage: http://duo3d.com

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