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Iffet Enise Sahan

Takwa Ismaeel

Ball’ ance is a body movement base interactive game concept. A board with pillars and a ball is present in the game. The goal is to keep the ball balanced and lead it to the final point within a certain amount of time. The key to achieving this goal is to provide proper orientation to the board, which should be accomplished through body movements. The implementation environment demonstrates the board game on the computer screen and uses a camera to detect body movements. We developed two different body interaction methods and compared these methods in a user study. This user study allowed us to analyze the usability of the two methods and the preferred type of interaction for users.

To summarize, our research demonstrates how users can interact with a traditional board game using novelistic interactions and which body interaction type could be more efficient. In our comparison of upper body and hand interaction, we discovered that users prefer the upper body method because it is more interesting, entertaining, and makes them feel more involved. Apart from the only game perspective, we also believe that our research has potential in the field of physical rehabilitation because it has the opportunity to make this field more motivating in the future.


Full-body interaction

Gestural interaction