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Touch Interaction when Walking

Touch Interaction when Walking

Carmen Navas Cabrera

It is not the same using the phone while walking than while standing or sitting down. When moving, your attention and mobility are reduced and therefore, it limits the smartphone use. What I want to accomplish with this work is to prove that the interaction in fact changes, and therefore to improve it by the simple design of a web page that adapts to the walking situation. This web page will have the fonts bigger while walking, which will facilitate the tasks of reading and tapping. First, participants, which will be of two different age groups, will use the normal application while standing performing some previously given tasks. Then, with the same version of the app, they will do the same while walking. Finally, they will use the adapted version while walking. All the results are compared first for each scenario to draw out specific conclusions. However, they are also compared for each age group and in more detail to get to a more generic and valid conclusion to our research questions. It was in fact proven that interaction does vary (in fact, worsen) while walking. In addition, the web application worked perfectly improving the results in the interaction time measured for both age groups. Finally, the difference between age groups was interesting to study to know the time variations and to prove that the application works for every scenario and participant, not only a reduced group of the population.


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