Conference Papers

The most valuable resource are conference publications (also called "papers"). A large majority of interesting (and high-quality) papers are available via one of the following digital libraries (free access for students of HS Augsburg, see below):

While on campus of "Hochschule Augsburg" and while connected to our wireless network you can download any paper from the above libraries for free. You can also access this service from home: Follow our Library's instructions for the ACM Digital Library and IEEE Digital Library respectively.

This is a selection of the most important conferences. People usually refer to them by their short name (e.g. CHI or INTERACT). There are many more conferences and workshops but be aware that many lesser known conferences have a very mixed quality.

Here are some other related conferences:


B. Buxton, S. Greenberg, S. Carpendale, N. Marquardt (2012) Sketching User Experiences: The Workbook, Morgan Kaufmann, 262 pages.

B. Albert, T. Tullis (2013) Measuring the User Experience, 2. Edition, Morgan Kaufmann, 301 pages.

A. Oulasvirta, P.O. Kristensson, X. Bi, and A. Howes (2018) Computational Interaction, Oxford University Press, 432 pages.

J. Butler, K. Holden, W. Lidwell (2010) Universal Principles of Design, Rockport Publishers, 272 pages.

D. Wigdor, D. Wixon (2011) Brave NUI World: Designing Natural User Interfaces for Touch and Gesture, Morgan Kaufmann, 242 pages.

D. Saffar (2008) Designing Gestural Interfaces: Touchscreens and Interactive Devices, O'Reilly Media, 268 pages.

Groups and People

Here is an incomplete selection of research groups and influential people worth checking out for inspiration. Look for the respective subpages for publications or projects.